Panic Attacks: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

panic attacks

A panic attack is a kind of anxiety disorder in which you feel sudden and intense fear or anxiety. Panic attacks are not normal and you should not ignore them. During a panic attack, you feel very much scared and worried. Although this episode of fear and anxiety doesn’t last long. But its frequent arousal leads to many issues making it very difficult to live a normal life.

Sometimes there is no specific reason for panic attacks. But most of the time the reason for panic attacks is extreme stress and fear. Although the symptoms of panic attacks are very overwhelming and exhausting. But you can manage and improve them with the help of several treatment methods. You know panic attacks have very harmful effects on your physical and mental health. Seeking help is vital to improve the symptoms of panic attacks.

In this article, you learn the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for panic attacks. Moreover, you will also learn about some specific medicines that treat panic attacks well.

What are the symptoms of panic attacks?

Panic attacks most of the time strike in unexpectedly. In general, a panic attack lasts up to 15-20 minutes. But sometimes it may extend up to an hour. Both the symptoms and experience of Sleep disorder are different for everyone. Here, are some of the most common symptoms of panic attacks:

  • racing heart rate or pounding heart
  • shortness of breath
  • a sense of choking
  • feeling of losing control or dying
  • chest pain or discomfort
  • dizziness and lightheadedness
  • hot flashes and chills, sweating
  • nausea and upset stomach
  • shaking and trembling
  • tingling or numbness in hands and feet

The symptoms of panic attacks do not define their severity and danger. As you know panic attacks are unpredictable in general, they affect the quality of your life. Because panic attacks can strike anytime and anywhere. You can manage these symptoms if you know the causes of panic attacks.

What are the causes of panic attacks?

To treat the symptoms of panic attacks, it is very important to choose the right treatment method. But before that, you should know what may cause extreme anxiety and lead to panic attacks. Here are the most common causes of panic attacks:

Prolonged or frequent exposure to stress may lead to anxiety. It is one of the reasons that may trigger a panic attack.

Alcohol or drug withdrawal or withdrawal from substance causes stress and anxiety. This may also cause panic attacks.

Excess caffeine intake can also trigger panic attacks. Because caffeine increases your alertness and leaves your brain in an excited state. If it continues for a long it causes anxiety and may provoke panic attacks.

In some cases, genetics is also observed as a reason for causing stress and anxiety. Because if any of your parents is hyperactive, there are chances that you may have anxiety issues.

Sudden life changes or any life event may cause stress or trauma. These life changes or life events include:

  • leaving home for studies or a job
  • getting married or having the first child
  • death of any family member or loved one
  • trauma from domestic violence or sexual harassment

What are the treatment methods for panic attacks?

Treatment plans for panic attacks involve a wide range of methods. Every method works differently for everyone. So, you must choose the right treatment method.

Relaxation techniques like meditation, and deep breathing are very effective in treating panic attacks. Panic attack causes rapid and shallow breathing which makes anxiety worse. Meditation and deep breathing ease breathing and relieve anxiety. Moreover, counseling and therapies like CBT also relieve anxiety and treat panic attacks.

Spend time and talk with your close friends or loved ones. share with them what is bothering you. Besides this, you can also write down thoughts in a diary. All these activities will throw away negative thoughts from your mind and reduce stress.

Practice regular exercise, yoga, and eat a healthy diet. These factors are very important in managing stress and anxiety. Besides these, avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. Because these can make the stress and anxiety worse.

Moreover, there are two classes of medications that treat anxiety and panic attacks:

  • antidepressants: duloxetine, elavil, adapin, pamelor, nardil
  • anti-anxiety medications: benzodiazepines like lorazepam, clonazepam, diazepam, xanax

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At last, I want to say that if you are experiencing a panic attack, you should seek help immediately. If the symptoms of a panic attack are minor, avoiding the stressors can help you in managing them. But if the symptoms are severe then, these methods might not work. At that stage, medication will help you. But you should consult the doctor before taking any medication for your issues.  

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