Is Zolpidem 7.5 Mg in the UK the Right Sleep Medication for You?

Zolpidem and sleeping pills UK

What is Zolpidem 7.5 mg used for?

Sleep disorders have become very prominent these days. People of almost every age are having sleep-related issues. This is because of diverse changes in people’s lifestyles. People these days are so busy with work and other things that they don’t have enough time for sleep. And some people who have time, find it difficult to get quality sleep.

Getting quality sleep is not like lying on the bed and falling asleep for everyone. For some people, it is one of the biggest challenges. But getting sufficient quality sleep is a must for everyone to live a healthy and quality life. Because lack of sleep is very detrimental to your overall health and wellness.

Persistent sleeplessness has very harmful effects on both your physical and mental health. There can be many reasons behind sleep disturbances and stress or anxiety is the major one. As long-term sleep issues have severe very negative impacts on your health, it is important to treat those issues.

Most people prefer to take medications to fix their sleep-related issues. Zolpidem 7.5 mg is one such medicine that people use widely to deal with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

What is Zolpidem 7.5 mg and how it helps with insomnia?

Zolpidem is a very strong and one of the most effective sleep medicines. It belongs to the hypnotic class of medicines having sedative properties. It makes you fall asleep by slowing down the activity of your brain and nervous system. Along with that, it causes drowsiness and dizziness due to which you feel sleepy.

Besides this, zolpidem also helps relieve anxiety which is one of the major reasons for insomnia. It increases the levels of GABA-A neurotransmitters in the brain. Increased levels of this chemical tend to reduce anxiety and give a sense of calmness to your brain.

Zolpidem is available in the market under the brand name Ambien. Zolpidem comes in the form of oral tablets and oral sprays. It is available as:

  •         immediate-release tablets: 5 mg, 10 mg
  •         extended-release tablets: 6.25 mg, 12.5 mg
  •         sublingual tablets: 1.75 mg, 3.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg

The recommended dose of zolpidem is 7.5 mg and the maximum dose is 10 mg/ day. The doctor will start with the lowest effective dose and can later adjust the dose as per your requirement.

Zolpidem is a fast-acting medicine which means it makes you fall asleep very quickly. Zolpidem starts showing its effects within 45-60 minutes of intake. However, it depends on the severity of the issue and the dose you are taking or if you have any medical condition.

Always take zolpidem just before going to bed. The effects of zolpidem remain for almost 7 hours. So, make sure you have 7 hours of undisturbed sleep before taking this medicine. 

Is it safe to use zolpidem 7.5 mg for sleep disorders?

Yes, it is safe to use Zolpidem 7.5 mg for insomnia and other sleep disorders. You have to take care of a few things while taking zolpidem and you can make the most of it. Zolpidem is a prescription medicine because people may misuse or overdose on it. So, you can buy zolpidem 7.5 mg only with a prescription.

Before starting any medicine, first consult the doctor. Discuss your issues, and medical condition with the doctor to choose the right dose of medicine. Always take the prescribed dose of medicine, don’t change the dose on your own.

Although zolpidem has very low chances of addiction and dependance. But if you use it for a long time, there are chances that you may form a habit. Moreover, you may develop a tolerance for zolpidem if used for a long time.

Take Zolpidem right before going to bed with a glass of water. You can take it with or without eating food. Don’t crush or chew the medicine, swallow the whole tablet with water.

Zolpidem induces drowsiness and dizziness which results in a lack of alertness. So, you should not drive or operate any machinery after taking this medicine. Moreover, don’t take this medicine with alcohol or any opioid because they will increase the drowsiness. Due to this, you may face life-threatening side effects like severe breathing problems.

In case you get pregnant while consuming zolpidem, discuss the benefits and risks of taking it during pregnancy. If you are a nursing mother, avoid using it. Because zolpidem can pass to the baby through the breast milk and lead to serious side effects.

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