How Does Generalized Anxiety Disorder Affect Daily Life?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Experiencing stress and anxiety is not something unusual. Because you keep experiencing them from time to time throughout your life. What’s unusual is when you start getting anxious about every little thing that too without any reason.

Anxiety is a persistent and intense sense of fear, worry, and tension. If it is left untreated, it disturbs the balance of your daily life causing several problems. When you experience anxiety disorder for a long time, it severely affects your life. It’s not only about your health, but anxiety affects your life in every possible way. 

Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

If anxiety doesn’t get treated on time, it turns into an anxiety disorder . Anxiety disorders are of different types and the most common is generalized anxiety disorder. When feelings of worry and tension become intense and difficult to control, you may have an anxiety disorder. Getting anxious about every little thing that too without any valid reason shows that you have generalized anxiety disorder.

Continuous bouts of anxiety become difficult to manage and it interferes with everything you do. Most of the people don’t pay attention to anxiety. Because they become habitual of it and think that this is how they are. See, everyone gets worried about things over time which is fine. But overthinking and thinking of the worst every time is not done. Due to this, you get super anxious even about the things that are normal to happen. This level of anxiety makes it very difficult to live a normal life.

Some studies show that GAD is more common in people who have underlying mental health conditions. Living with GAD is not easy, but you can manage it with effective treatment methods and proper care. Before discussing about the treatment, you must know the symptoms of GAD:

·         intense restlessness or feeling on edge

·         unable to focus or concentrate

·         overthinking about the situation and thinking of the worst

·         extreme fear and stress of making wrong decisions

·         unable to let go of the stress and to relax

·         fatigue, extreme tiredness, and weakness

·         difficulty breathing and sleeping

People with GAD think themselves of as being in trouble and danger always and most of the time it’s not true. They may even get worried about the things that are not happening around them. For such people, management of anxiety is a must to live a normal life. 

Different methods to manage GAD

Although there are various methods to deal with GAD. But it depends on the symptoms, age, and general health which method is suitable for you. Treatment methods include – therapies, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes, and medicines.

Therapy: It involves several psychotherapies and physical therapies that work magic for GAD. Psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy are one the most effective and safest methods to manage anxiety. Along with that physical therapies like massage therapy and aromatherapy are also good to go for anxiety disorders.

Lifestyle changes and self-care: Even small changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference and help in effective stress management. Self-care strategies have a great effect on anxiety-like:

·         practice regular exercise, yoga, and other physical activities

·         eat healthy food or maintain healthy eating habits

·         maintain a healthy sleep routine

Relaxation techniques: These methods distract your mind from negative thoughts and reduce anxiety. They uplift your mood and promote relaxation. So, practice deep breathing, meditation, tai chi, and progressive muscle relaxation for effective anxiety management.

Medications: In most cases of anxiety people prefer to take medicines to manage that anxiety. You can use these medications all alone or in combination with lifestyle strategies and self-care methods. These medications manage anxiety by interacting with certain neurotransmitters in the brain. But before taking any medication, consult with the doctor and follow his/her instructions. Medicines that are effective in managing anxiety are:

·         antidepressant medications

·         anti-anxiety medications (benzodiazepines)

·         beta-blockers


Anxiety is a very disturbing and uncomfortable feeling. It becomes very hard to manage anxiety and live a normal life if it becomes out of control. However, many methods are there to treat anxiety effectively. So, find a suitable method for yourself and practice it regularly for effective anxiety management. For more information about anxiety, related disorders, and treatment methods, visit our website

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