How to identify and treat sleep disorders?

Good sleep and best health

People often take sleep for granted and don’t consider it important. However, sleep is a fundamental requirement for your body and mind to function well. Every function of your body and mind is linked with sleep. When you sleep well at night, you stay energetic and perform well throughout the day. But these days, getting quality sleep has become a serious problem. Because most people are facing issues in getting quality sleep resulting in several sleep disorders.

If you don’t treat the sleep disorders timely, they harm you in every possible way. Even one day of poor sleep has very negative impacts on your body and mind. So, it is important to treat sleep disorders on time.

Understanding different types of sleep disorders

A sleep disorder is defined as a condition that affects your ability to sleep well. Many of us face issues in getting a good night’s sleep multiple times in our lives. It is completely normal to have such issues occasionally. But if sleep disturbances have become frequent and last long, affect the overall quality of your life.

Sleep disorders are of several types depending on their causes. Although the symptoms of all the sleeping pills uk are quite similar. It becomes a little difficult to choose the right treatment method for them. However, after discussing the symptoms, causes, and severity of the disorder, the doctor can recommend the right treatment plan.

Insomnia: In this disorder, you feel difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep for long. Several reasons are there that contribute to insomnia. Travel, jet lag, underlying health conditions, and medications you are using (if any) can cause insomnia. Along with these reasons, mood disorders like anxiety and depression can also cause insomnia. No matter what is the cause of insomnia, several methods are there to help you with insomnia.

Sleep apnea: It is a common sleep disorder in which you skip breathing for a little while during sleep. This happens several times at night and wakes you up every time. Due to this, both the quantity and quality of sleep are affected. Sleep apnea is a life-threatening disorder as you skip breathing. But sleep apnea is treatable. So, if you are having this issue reach for medical help right away.

Narcolepsy: In this disorder, people feel excessive and uncontrolled daytime sleepiness. Sleepiness is so severe that people can sleep anywhere that too within 2-3 minutes. This happens due to improper functioning of the brain part that controls sleep and wake. 

Methods to treat sleep disorders

If you are suffering from any sleep disorder, you can treat them with several methods. You can treat several sleep problems with small lifestyle changes or self-care methods, relaxation methods, and therapies. However, in some cases, you may need to seek medical help.

Lifestyle changes for better sleep

·         Make a sleep-wake routine and follow it strictly even on weekends or holidays

·         Practice regular exercise, and maintain regular physical activity like walking or jogging, swimming, dancing

·         Cut off smoking, and limit alcohol and caffeine consumption

·         Make the bedroom environment sleep-promoting. Keep the room dark, and quiet, and bed with comfortable bedding. Along with that keep the room temperature low.

·         Don’t use any electronic gadget at bedtime like a smartphone, laptop, or TV. Because they emit blue light which acts as an electronic version of caffeine and keeps you awake for late.

Relaxation methods and therapies

·         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works great in relieving stress and helps you fall asleep quickly.

·         practice meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation

·         try massage therapy and aromatherapy

·         develop a relaxing bedtime routine like reading books, listening to music, taking a hot shower, etc.

Medications to counter sleep disorders

You can use medications as well to counter your sleep issues. First consult the doctor about your issues, symptoms, and severity. After examining your situation and overall health conditions, the doctor will recommend you suitable medication. The doctor may recommend you to use medication along with lifestyle and relaxation methods for better results. Here are some medications that treat sleep disorders effectively :

·         Z-drugs: Zolpdiem, Zopiclone

·         Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Lorazepam, Clonazepam, Diazepam

·         Melatonin receptor stimulator i.e. Rozerem

·         Antinarcoleptics: Modafinil

Sleep is a necessary function to maintain optimal health and overall well-being. If you are facing sleep disturbances, the above methods can help you deal with them. 

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