What Are the Symptoms of Antisocial Anxiety Disorder?

Antisocial Anxiety Disorder

Antisocial Anxiety Disorder is a type of disorder that causes anxiety when you attend social gatherings. Social phobia is the other name for this disorder. Most of the time people thinks that shyness and social phobia is a same thing. But both these things are different from each-other. Shyness does not last long and you experience it in a particular situation.

According to NHS, 12.1% of adults are suffering from antisocial anxiety disorder. It is more prominent in females than males. This disorder is curable, you need to find the suitable treatment method. People suffering from this disorder feels anxious because of several reasons like:

  • fear of judgement by people
  • fear of rejection
  • embarrassment

Anxiety is a common part of our lives and you may experience it at any point of your life. For example, you may experience it while giving presentation, eating in public, public dealing, etc.  Some amount of anxiety does not harm you. But people suffering from this disorder experience excessive anxiety. They may avoid every social gathering and social events. Because they feel difficulty in interacting with people.

Symptoms of Antisocial Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety becomes over powering and out of control in people suffering from this disorder. People suffering from this disorder show some physical and psychological changes.

Physical changes

  • blushing, nausea and sweating
  • trembling or shaking
  • dizziness and lightheadedness
  • increased heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • panic attack

Psychological changes

  • You may experience a fear that people will judge you
  • You always try to avoid social gatherings or stay backwards if attend
  • you feel like consuming alcohol to face any social situation
  • A feeling of self-consciousness, embarrassed and awkward in front of other people
  • Difficulty in speaking and maintaining eye contact

These are some of the most common symptoms of antisocial anxiety disorder. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms while attending any social event, you may have this disorder.

Causes and effects of antisocial anxiety disorder

Although the exact reasons of causing this disorder are not clear yet. According to scientists, there are several factors responsible for this disorder like genetic and environmental. People may develop this disorder in their early age. Moreover, this disorder can affect people of any age. Along with that females are more prone to develop this disorder than males.

According to studies, antisocial anxiety disorder can be genetic. It means if any of your family member has such issue, you may also develop anxiety issues. Any stressful event like long-term illness, death of loved ones, abuse and violence may result into this disorder. Along with that incidents of bullying, humiliation and rejection increase the chances of development of this disorder. Besides these factors, overprotective parenting may also be a cause of this disorder.

Effects of antisocial anxiety disorder

This disorder can disrupt your whole life whether it is personal or professional. You will not be able to achieve your goals in your school at your work place. This is because you avoid group discussions, team work, etc. Besides your professional life, your personal relationships also suffer because of this disorder.

You become more sensitive to criticism and negative thoughts. Due to which there are chances of depression and you may get suicidal thoughts as well. Considering the effects of this disorder, it is very important to treat it on time.

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