Treat severe anxiety with the right anxiety medications

Stress and anxiety are parts and parcel of everyone’s life. We experience stress and anxiety at many points throughout life. You know experiencing some amount of stress and anxiety is normal. Stress and anxiety are normal responses to the ups and downs of your life. Because they will help you handle the situation in the right manner. But sometimes this stress and anxiety take over your life. Continuous stress and anxiety prevent you from living your life the way you want.

Anxiety becomes severe if you don’t treat it on time and it makes your life vulnerable. Moreover, persistent anxiety results in several anxiety disorders and health issues as well. According to the NHS, 8 million people in the UK are suffering from anxiety disorders. And, the sad thing is that this count is increasing day by day. According to WHO, females are more prone to anxiety disorders. Moreover, anxiety is the 8th most common cause of disability among people.

Before anxiety takes over your life and makes you do something wrong. You should find an appropriate treatment to treat your anxiety. There are plenty of methods to treat anxiety and the most common is anxiety medications. People are using these medications frequently to combat their anxiety issues. No doubt these medications are effective in controlling anxiety. There is a wide range of anxiety medications with different working mechanisms, side effects, dosage, etc. You should choose the medication wisely according to your health condition and the severity of your anxiety.

Benzodiazepines: the right anxiety medications

Benzodiazepines are a class of medications that treat anxiety very well. Along with anxiety, they treat sleep disorders, seizures, and alcohol withdrawal as well.

Benzodiazepines work by increasing the activity of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain. Stimulation of GABA gives a sense of calmness. Benzodiazepines alter the activity of neurons that are responsible for stress and anxiety. However, these medications are only for the short-term treatment of anxiety and related issues.

Several other medications like antidepressants, beta-blockers, and SSRIs treat anxiety. But all these medications take more time to show their effect. buy Diazepam online Uk On the other hand, benzodiazepines start working in very little time. That’s why people prefer benzodiazepines instead of other medications for anxiety.

Benzodiazepines include various medications for anxiety which are:

  • Xanax
  • Diazepam
  • Lorazepam
  • Clonazepam

These medications work great for anxiety. But these medications have several side effects and risks due to which doctors prescribe them for short periods.

Side effects and risks of anxiety medications

If you are using these medications, you may experience some side effects. Common side effects will go away after some time and you don’t need to worry about them. These side effects include:

  • Drowsiness and dizziness
  • confusion
  • lack of focus which increases the risk of an accident

These medications may show severe side effects and you may develop a habit of them. It happens when you use these medications for a long time. Moreover, these medications may have severe withdrawal symptoms. This happens when you stop using them all sudden. Serious side effects of these medications include:

  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • memory problems
  • increased anxiety and depression

As I have mentioned above these medications show withdrawal symptoms. You should speak to your doctor if you don’t want to use them anymore. The doctor will lower the dose and slowly stop using these medications. To avoid these withdrawal symptoms, follow your doctor’s instructions. Because withdrawal symptoms can be dreadful and life-threatening which include:

  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • agitation, restlessness, and tremors
  • breathing problems
  • muscle cramps
  • intense headache

Risks associated with anxiety medications

You may face several risks while using these medications. Never take these medications with alcohol, it may be very dangerous. because these medications induce sedation, so does alcohol. This increased sedation may lead to accidents.

Moreover, these medications can interact with other medications. You should discuss your medical history with the doctor. Long-term use of these medications may cause physical dependance and addiction. This will have a very negative impact on your life.

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